European Youth Alliance For Green Future…


Taking the sustainability and inclusivity of the methods to fight against climate crisis as an important issue, we implement the “European Youth Alliance For Green Future Project” within the scope of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme. Project continues with the coordination of  leader country Türkiye along with a consortium led by World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) Istanbul Academy and consisting of partners from Belgium, Northern Macedonia and Romania. The main goal of the Project is the inclusion of youth in determining the policies to reach the targets of European Green Deal and endowing them with necessary knowledge so that they become involved in policy formation. Project has been implemented in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in paralell with SDG-7 and SDG-11. “Green Deal Handbook” that was created to make the concepts and fundamental principles of Green Deal available for everyone and the application developed for measuring the deeds of individuals on a daily basis and their effects on environment are among the main outcomes of the Project. Besides, it is an important step to show the impact of climate change on urbanization and development and to allocate required roles to respective parties through adopting the global change in a bottom up fashion by leaders. 

“Green Deal and Active Citizenship” training programme which will be held between 4-12 September in 2022 with the host of WALD Istanbul Academy aims to enable the young participants of the Project to gain qualities to develop solutions to the problems in the societies they live and engage in policy-making processes.

European young people who will participate to the programme from Belgium, Romania and Northern Macedonia and aim to be the leaders of the future will open up various themes for discussion on an international platform by completing their training with young leaders of future chosen from Türkiye. Furthermore, it is among our goals to introduce the application (ICT tool) developed for measuring the deeds of individuals on a daily basis and their effects on environment during the training programme and to make its use sustainable in the aftermath thereby contributing to a concrete effect, which is the creation of green environment mindset.


The training programme which will last for a week covers the following issues: “Fundamentals of Green Deal”, “Green Deal and Its Effects on Our Daily Lives”, “Workshop on Critical Thinking (Reflecting on efficiency of European Green Deal)”, “Learning and Discussing the Concepts of Active Citizenship”, “Local, National and International Politics and Pluralist Democracy” and “Tools for Participatory Democracy”.