As the World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD), since the day we were founded, we have been working with the determination to oppose the gender inequality that has spread to all areas of life. We work for recognition of gender mainstreaming that women and men have equal rights and responsibilities. We believe in the importance of gender equality and women's empowerment in terms of Sustainable Development Goals, and we reflect this awareness in all of our activities and practices.

In this direction, we organized several "International Women's Day" events and one of them was realized in cooperation with WALD, UNCHR and IOM to raise awareness among the host community and refugee beneficiaries registered in the Sultangazi Social Protection Desk.

In the event, where the host community and refugee women between the ages of 25-60 participated, the importance of March 8 and International Women's Day was discussed in order to raise women's awareness of human rights. In the group activity titled “Women's Life Stories Through a Gender Lens”, the effects of war, cultural differences and sharing of common values were discussed. Lastly, women's life stories and dreams were shared during the group work.