WALD Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Architect Kadir Topbaş's passion for Istanbul, his philosophy of service, visionary projects, actions, journey as a municipality mayor, his perspective on local government was summarized and written by Prof. Dr Recep Bozdoğan as a memories book called A Life Kadir Topbaş: Dedicated to Istanbul. The memoir was published by WALD Publications and brought to readers.

Kadir Topbaş, a succesful local manager with a global vision, had acquired a distinguished place not only in the history of Istanbul, but also in the history of world local governments.

Kadir Topbaş: A Life Dedicated to Istanbul memories book, which is an important reference resource for anyone who loves Istanbul, can be obtained from D&R stores and virtual platforms.

As WALD, we believe that the book will contribute to the further development of local governments and local democracy in Turkey.


The mayorship reflects the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of politics. Some presidents have been able to carry this heavy load with admirable success.

Some were remembered with visionary projects, some with brilliant international achievements, and some with fatherly attitudes.

Kadir Topbaş, on the other hand, has an exceptional place in the history of Turkish municipal administration as one of the rare presidents who has succeeded in all of them.

In this book, you will find short but concise reflections of Topbaş's long journey as a municipality that will fill the encyclopedias and his love for Istanbul.

The work is a guide and reference resource that will contribute to everyone who is dedicated to municipal work and Istanbul.

With respect and devotion to the memory of the deceased Kadir Topbaş...

Mission dedicated to Istanbul's thousands of years of experience. 

City on top of the world