The way for a country to take its place among the countries that have achieved sustainable development is through the economic and social empowerment of women. On the other hand, developments in today's world make it important to maintain and strengthen human values. Empowering women, providing access to their individual rights and interests, it is extremely important in terms of strengthening our family and social structure. Within the framework of developed world economies, it is aimed to strengthen women's employment and entrepreneurship in local economies. The disadvantaged position of women in local labor markets, lack of human capital, lack of professional qualifications and socio-cultural barriers limit women's participation in working life.

In this regard, as the World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD), the foundations of which were laid in 2019 in cooperation with Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), New City Economy Model “Snowflakes Women's Initiative Production and Business Cooperative Launch” was held on 28 March 2022, hosted by Gaziosmanpaşa District Governor's with the participation of senior guests.

While addressing to the participants at the opening of the program, WALD Chairman of the Executive Board Mehmet Duman said that "We support the strengthening of cooperative activities that encourage the use of materials that do not harm nature and people in the creation of more efficient production and supply chains."

Members of Parliament Fatma Betül SAYAN KAYA and İffet POLAT, Gaziosmanpaşa District Governor Numan HATİPOĞLU, Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin USTA, Deputy Mayors of district municipalities and guests attended to the Opening Program.

A Goodwill Agreement was signed between WALD, Gaziosmanpaşa District Governorate and Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality at the launch, emphasizing the support of local governments and the private sector in order to ensure the sustainability of cooperatives. In this sense, it was also shared that a cooperation has been initiated with an international manufacturer company on organic soap production and entry into international markets.