World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) held the first coordination meeting of 2022 at the Kağıthane Municipality Assembly Presidency Meeting Hall on February 17, 2022 with the participation of Kağıthane District Governorship, Kağıthane Municipality and representatives of public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Kağıthane District Governor Mustafa Koç made the opening speech of the meeting. The meeting aimed at to share the work of public institutions and non-governmental organizations in the district borders and to discuss future cooperation within the scope of the "Social Protection Project" carried out in cooperation opportunities with WALD, UNHCR and Kağıthane Municipality. The governer emphasized that “District Coordination Meetings are important in order to increase the coordination between the studies carried out in the field of migration in the district, to identify the deficiencies in this field and to raise the quality of the services offered to refugees by bringing all the stakeholders together in order to develop solutions for these determinations”.

Kağıthane District Coordination Meeting, which is seen as a multi-stakeholder consultation mechanism, continued with the presentation of Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration Specialist Talha Erbay on the "Social Cohesion and Life Education Project" (SUYE). It was shared that this project aims to facilitate the integration of foreigners and refugees who have the legal right to stay in the social, economic and cultural life in our country. Emphasizing that the SUYE project targets to reach more beneficiaries with the support of Public Education Centers in cooperation with the Directorate of Migration Management and the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning, ERBAY said, “All foreigners and immigrants aged 18 and over can participate in the trainings. Turkish teachers are accompanied by interpreters. "Immigrants coming to our country are told about justice, security, health, relations with institutions and how they can solve problems in Turkey" he said.

At the meeting, where the total number of services specific to Kağıthane district and the reasons for the beneficiaries’ applications to the Social Protection Desk were shared, efforts to improve the quality of services provided to refugees and local people were evaluated, and it was decided to hold district coordination meetings every three months.