The 22nd Meeting of United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization (UCLG-MEWA) was organized under the theme of “Reviving Regional Synergy” with the participation of UCLG-MEWA President, Dannieh Municipalities Union President Mohamed Saadie, WALD Chairman of the Board and UCLG-MEWA Secretary General Mehmet Duman, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, UCLG-MEWA Co-President and Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, UCLG President Kazan Mayor İlsur Metshin and UCLG Secretary General Emilia. It was held in Kocaeli on 15-16 February 2022 with the speeches of Emilia Saiz and the participation of many local government, national and international representatives.

During 2022 Retreat, all members and stakeholders of the UCLG-MEWA members mentioned that the meeting was productive by sharing their experiences and innovative ideas. In this framework, the main themes determined at the Retreat reflected the spirit of the program. These themes are “Middle East and West Asia in the Decade of Action for Sustainable Development Goals”, “How Sustainable Development Gains Local Acceleration?”, “Sustaining VLR Momentum: New Initiatives in the Region” and “Partnership Approaches in Localizing SDGs”.

WALD Chairman and UCLG MEWA Secretary General Mehmet Duman, who moderated the opening session of the said “Our primary goal is to increase the capacity of our region to produce solutions to local problems in the light of global agendas and developments. We believe that this two-day consultation will play a key role at this point”.

He also said that “In order to reach a more livable world in 2030, the United Nations has identified the most urgent problems of today's world that require action. The Sustainable Development Goals encompass the goals of ending poverty, tackling inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change around the world by 2030. Unless we can achieve development in every field, we will not be able to secure economic growth and sustainability” in his speech.

WALD , Chairman of the Board Mehmet Duman and Accountant Member of the Board of Directors and also Member of UCLG-MEWA Financial Management Committee Atty. Arb. Emin Canacankatan attended and addressed to the participations of 2022 At the 22 Special Session of the UCLG-MEWA Retreat. He said that “The realization of sustainable development is only possible through joint work. For this to happen, we must identify new solutions, create partnerships, and unlock the vast potential of young, innovative minds. All countries have problems, but solutions are produced with the effective and efficient cooperation of stakeholders. Technological transformation and digitalization is a very good example that problems are solutions and solutions can be developed” during his speech.